ïŋžI am first and foremost a mother,  trying desperately to keep her sanity in this roller coaster ride of parenting.  Sometimes it’s good and I feel like I’m getting this right…  But those moments are fleeting and usually end with me,  head in hands wondering what the heck happened!  I am also a teacher,  a passionate one,  and I love being able to do what I do,  in the environment I am in, even though I am only able to teach part time as I’m trying to balance motherhood and kinda having my own life too.

I currently reside in Hoedspruit,  a remote tourist town in the Northern Province, close to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. My sons attend the only nature based school in the country, Southern Cross Schools,  and are often afforded opportunities unique to our environment. They have watched a leopard get a dental check up,  another loitered on the school property and was caught,  released, caught again (it found its way back to school – yes the school is that awesome even leopards don’t want to leave) and released into a more suitable area. Their birthday parties often entail game drives as they learn every single day,  how to appreciate and care for the environment we live in.

I am mummy to 2 awesome, life-altering, often dirt-covered, eyelash batting boys, growing far too quickly currently aged 11 (Isa) and 9 (Hamzah) . Our prayers were answered with an absurdly cute,  slightly bossy baby girl,  (Zayyana/Lulu – 4) who has managed to wrap our entire household (and others it seems)  around her pudgy little finger… and just when we thought our family was complete our bonus baby made her appearance- Liya -6 months.

As many stay-at-home mums, my children have provided me with some interesting life experiences, most hilariously funny, although the laughs usually come after shock has subsided.

Enjoy a peek into my life as I try my best to keep it altogether …this will be interesting I guarantee- pass the popcorn please!
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    1. Hey Tasneem, Thanx! Isn’t it amazing how often we feel isolated in our thoughts and feelings regarding the kids?! Judging and comparing ourselves? This just goes to show that we all experience the same joys and pains, even those of us who refuse to admit it lol…(the-totally-in-control-of-everything-mum) helping us realise we really are Normal 😉 and that it’s ok to feel the way we do!
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  2. There are so many mom blogs out there, but I’ve never read a mom blog from someone all the way in South Africa! Looking forward to reading about the differences and similarities between parenting there and here in the USA. I also love your layout and color scheme!

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