Is anyone else feeling super confused about going back to school?

The holidays began a little early for us in Hoedspruit…one week before the rest of the country in fact, but that’s because we started our first term a week ahead of everyone else. And although I probably complained about it at the time, I think I actually prefer having a longer Easter break… so it worked out well I guess.

We have had a busy holiday. We spent a week in the city (Johannesburg) catching up on all things city – bowling, movies, live shows and a few new places- check my Instagram account for a round up of what we did with the kids in Jhb ( ).

The boys  also spent  a week with my mum visiting the National Botanical Gardens in Nelspruit and the Gustav Klingbiel Museum in Lydenburg (my home town). This meant I had an entire week just for myself and my Lulu which was thoroughly enjoyed. Thank goodness for grandparents!



We also visited Horseshoe Falls Trout Farm in Sabie for some trout fishing and a picnic. They boys enjoyed it because the fishing is easy and they got to learn from an expert (my dad) . I had a lesson too! You can tell its been a good holiday…



So why am I so split about us having to revert to a school routine. I mean, I genuinely can’t decide if I want them/us to go back?!

On the one hand, playing referee between the boys does wear me out some days, and being home for this week meant that they eventually did suffer from cabin fever and I was forced to take them out or help them find things to do, and well school usually keeps us all quite busy.

But to be honest, I was pretty content being home all day- without having the time constraints of school drop offs and pick ups, without my day starting pre 6am! Not to mention not having to worry about uniforms, sport days, extramurals and tests etc. I don’t know… is anyone else feeling this?

Not having to work at the moment and having the kids on holiday means I genuinely get to enjoy being home, staying in bed for a bit… or a lot, catching up on series, reading, etc.  I would only venture out when we have basically run out of food and I am left with no other choice!

Going back to school does mean I won’t have to break up arguments and my pantry stock may last a little longer than a day or two, but it also means lunch box woes!

So ya, this is me… dreading and not dreading the end of the holidays- being all confused and indecisive about whether if I have had enough of these holidays or not! Anyone else suffering from a similar brain muddle?!



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