6 Delicious flavours to choose from

A few weeks ago we received a beautiful package from our friends at Footy’s Future Drinks.  It could not have been more perfectly timed as we had just been discussing the levels of sugar consumption in our home. We decided it was time to make a change. The children would be most affected by this and of course wanted to know what we would replace their juice or cold drink with since we weren’t too happy with them consuming aspartame either. I purchased a small tub of Footy’s Passion fruit powder from Food Lovers Market and decided to try it out. Just a few weeks later, much to my relief our Footy’s gift hamper arrived.

The kids eagerly unwrapped it and looked at all the flavours (naartjie, strawberry, grape, lemon and lime and passion fruit). They had no idea that Footy’s had such a variety available. We looked at the labels, this was also a learning area for us as we were teaching them to read food labels in order to identify the sugar content. It became quite the discussion as the boys enquired what GMO meant, as well as, how Footy’s could be so sweet if it didn’t contain any aspartame or sugar. Footy’s is sweetened using Erythritol, our family is fairly familiar with this as we switched to Stevia/Xylitol quite a few years ago.

We talked about colourants, preservatives, as well as terminology like keto, banting and diabetes. It was a lengthy discussion and one that needed to be had. One of the pros of the Footy’s packs is that because it’s in powder form, it dissolves easily and multiple bottles can be used simultaneously. So each kid could choose a flavour to experiment with, Isa chose grape, Hamzah lemon and lime and Lulu chose strawberry. They each loved their respective choices and once I explained the ratio and measuring system began mixing their own drinks without my assistance. A relief to me because it meant one less thing for me to do. Isa asked me to make him a drink I haven’t made in ages and required orange juice. Since I didn’t have any we decided to substitute it with the naartjie flavour footy’s powder and I am happy to say it worked beautifully. The powder dissolves quickly and easily and there is no after taste once mixed. Hamzah made lemon and lime jelly and we made some citrus a ginger ice tea as well.

Another benefit is the versatility of the powder, we added different flavours to plain yoghurt and allowed the kids free reign as snack , a dash to milk turned it into milkshake, we made jelly, you can even make ice cream using the Footy’s powders.

 The fact that it is sugar free meant that I didn’t have to ration them or remind them that they were adding to their daily sugar consumption. It helped us cut their sugar intake greatly, as we made multiple ‘treats’ using the footy’s powder too. Come summer and we’ll be making slushies too!

An added bonus: Footy’s is packed with Vitamin C and with the current Covid situation, boosting your immune system has never been this easy of delicious!

Here’s what you need to know about Footy’s Future Drinks and why we feel this small change in your pantry cupboard makes a big impact on your family’s health:

Multiple benfits of Footy’s Future Drinks
  • All-Natural products
  • Sugar free
  • Aspartame free
  • GMO free
  • No Preservatives
  • Low in kilojoules
  • High in Vitamin C
  • ADHD Friendly
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Tooth friendly
  • Banting & Diet Friendly

Footy’s is available in these delicious flavours; Naartjie, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Grape and Lemon and Lime.

Visit their website www.footys.co.za for more information as well as their special combo packs including free delivery to your door!

If you’ve been experimenting with Footy’s in your home please share a picture via social media and remember to tag @bibisblog_za and @footysfuturedrinks .We would love to share in your sugar free happiness.



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