The days of Hajj are almost upon us and I can’t help but feel nostalgic every time I see the current hajji’s posts and stories. The beautiful Labaik takes me right back to my own hajj journey and gives me goosebumps, 2 years have passed and yet the memories are so solidly set in my mind… Such an honour to have been the guest of the Almighty. 


All the Hajj vibes  reminded me about a few activities I used to teach the kids about hajj before I left. 


The productive Muslim website here has a wonderful variety of activities but I thought I’d share with you my favourite:


🔸 The hajj map activity – I love that this is a multi sensory activity, the kids got to cut out pieces to be added to the map in addition to the visual aspect of colouring in the map. I particularly liked the fact that the distances were marked allowing for some simple math to be included. It is really difficult for younger children as the concept of hajj is so abstract for them, a “pretend hajj journey” as done by @happyheartsdeen would be ideal but if not possible, this makes learning a little more concrete.You can find the Hajj printable map ->  here


🔸 The second activity is a maze “Help Fatima and Abdullah find the Kaaba 🕋.  A simple one that’s the kids enjoyed but there are so many to choose from  Nermeen’s blog


🔸 You can never go wrong with Eid ul Adha cards. These were printed from activity village and you can find more if you click here


🔸 Another one that the kids loved was the sheep masks. This was sent to me from the beautifully kind and generous Reyhana Sayed from @creativeclassroomconcepts


🔸 And I’ve saved the best for last… My personal favourite are the cutest make your own sheep activity packs from @modestmunchies (although I am very biased as she happens to be my cousin in law – and original macaroon queen!)  She has a printable which makes this a simple yet lovely addition to an Eid party pack! You can find it here

The books I’ve used with the children for Hajj include :

🔸 The Hajj activity book which can be purchased from Islamic book stores but  Taahirah from @suhaylakids has a wonderfully comprehensive one Road to Hajj from Suhaylakids

Hope you all have a wonderful Eid-ul-Adha






2 thoughts on “Hajj activities for your mini muslim

    1. Wslm, I don’t remember exactly, we started fairly early with my boys, but they did not witness many sacrifices… I requested that my oldest at 4/5 witness one sacrifice and that was enough. He understood that this is part of being of a muslim but found it difficult. We talked about it a lot before. My younger son was 2/3 and did not actually understand what was happening even though he watched the Qurbani. I think it is a very personal decision but it is important to involve them in some way…be it petting the sheep, feeding it or just being around to experience the atmosphere. When they are so young, perhaps it might be easier to focus on the Hajj aspect of this Eid until they can process the understanding behind the actual sacrifice.

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