The school holidays are upon us and being new to the whole school going routine I thought that the break in the mundane, everyday routine would be healthy for us all. I had envisioned a holiday with late night affairs with the books that have been calling out my name for months, sleep in’s involving rolling out of bed at at least 9am, days spent outdoors gardening, by the pool or curled up catching up on movies and indulging in my latest guilty pleasure: Woolies flavoured coffee, (Hazelnut being my favourite especially in this gloriously rainy weather.) The warm nuttiness of the hazelnut and bitterness of the chocolate flavour is a welcomed change to rather uninspiring instant coffee.


Instead… I find myself being awoken by little hands claiming one of two things: “Mummy…Mummy I’m hungry” … or my favourite…”Mummy I need to go to the bathroom.” Ofcourse it all happens well before 7am, which is not a decent ‘holiday’ time in my opinion. Yes my manipulative little angels know full well that these are the only 2 statements that I cannot ignore regardless of the fact that my eyes seemed to be glued shut. So I reluctantly find myself pouring cereal and making tea at an hour that would make anyone on ‘Holiday’ cry out in pain. Just so you know, I have tried the theory of keeping them up later with the prediction that they will wake up later… I have attempted this many times, most of them failing to give the desired result. Instead I end up with an overly tired child that insists he “does not need a nap.”


I also find myself spending more time grocery shopping; I have 3 boys under this roof… all still growing apparently! They are often found rummaging around my fairly stocked pantry looking for ‘snacks.’ So my free time is also spent baking, ensuring there’ ample goodies for them to ‘snack’ on.

I was fortunate enough to have my mother; niece and my husband’s niece spend a week with me recently. It did truly feel like the holidays we use to have as children, with all the cousins getting together. My husband’s nieces are younger sisters to me and the one visiting (Farah) is quite pregnant at the moment with her second little one. My 3yr old asked her quite bluntly what was wrong with her stomach, and once she explained, he happily offered her a solution to her bulging tummy,” Don’t worry,” he said, “ if you press hard like this (presses own tummy) … it will come right!” Simple Solution! I also realised how technologically advanced toddlers of today are as her 2yr old explained to me how to find Baba black sheep on the tablet…”You have to Google YouTube and then press Baba Black sheep.” Yes he knows what Google and YouTube are and uses the words in the correct context lol.

The holiday’s are also a time for self discovery…..I discovered that I am severely lacking in referee-ing abilities! My Mommy program needs an update in this regard. Should any of my readers know of an institution willing to educate me on how to break up arguments involving how the one ‘looked’ at the other, please leave the details in a comment below. Yes, it seems we are going through ‘that’ phase! And once again I’m told about how fast it will pass and all the while I fantasize about how I could coax the advice-givers into spending a week in my place. Yep, it looks like these holidays are going to be quite long!

So as the next few weeks roll around, I brace myself for early nights, and earlier mornings, more snack making and less movie watching…and I know that my only escape comes in the form of a paperback clutched tightly to my chest, as I anxiously wait for their eyes to close… and I comfort myself with the knowledge that I have survived another day… which brings me closer to my regaining my sanity… I am one day closer to school re-opening 😉





Farewell Madiba
Much has been said regarding Mandela, I would like to honour him and acknowledge the decisions he made and how they impacted the life I lead today.
I would like to thank him for the manner in which he persevered which resulted in the freedom so many of us take for granted today. It was through his sacrifices (and by the will of Almighty Allah) that I enjoy the freedom to practice my religion and don my hijab freely, without being labelled a terrorist.


He was a living example and the face of forgiveness, and by that he showed us how important it is to let go of the past…as it is how we approach the present and the future that holds more importance. Lessons to live by…
Hambha Kahle (Go well) Madiba
~~ Your legacy lives on ~~


4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays ?!

    1. Lol! Your best bet would be to find some activities going on in your area… we have the reptile park just 10 mins away that have a holiday programme starting soon, so that will keep them busy for a while. I also try and take them out a little everyday, for ice cream, to the park nearby, into the garden to plant herbs and things… so we are getting through it 😉
      Currently painting 😀
      Pls feel free to share some holiday craft ideas if anyone has 🙂 I’m sure a lot of us could do with some inspiration 🙂
      Take care, Thanx for reading 🙂

  1. Ugh I feel your pain, going through the exact same things you speak of. I also try to keep both my kids as busy as possible in-between the daily household chores, which means by day end I am so exhausted that I just want them to sleep to have a few moments of peace to myself (but actually end up collapsed in bed). Rainy days during the holidays are NOT my best friend because playing outside in the garden/ trips to the park are not possible and the kids are holed up inside and invariably end up watching t.v.(Which I prefer keeping to a minimum).

    1. Hey Rabia, holidays are definitely exhausting for mothers! We are tasked with yet another duty- 24 hour entertainer! Fortunately the rain on my side doesn’t last long, but I agree with u. During the holidays I’m also battling the TV. They are old enough to enjoy play dough and paints for quite a while…. and I kind of con them into some garden work without them actually realising it lol.
      I have a recipe for homemade play-dough and paints that I’d be happy to share. I’m looking for more ideas and activities… but today is definitely a swimming day!
      Take care! Hoping you find some relief soon 😉 Grandparents and aunts are the greatest holiday gift for a very tired mum 😉 I’ll be calling in some favours soon 😀

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