Happy Island really is …..HAPPY!

During the March school holidays we decided to give Happy Island Water Theme Park a go…with our many…many …many children! My sisters and I have between us nine….yes NINE children of which 2 are only a few months old. Nevertheless we packed our multiple bags, blankets, towels, hats, sunblock sprays, prams, car seats, wraps, carriers, mats, nappies, wipes, toys and wallets and decided that it would make for a fun day out. After having an absolute blast here’s what you need to know before paying Happy Island a visit! (You can thank me later). Apologies for the picture quality, I really was having too much fun to stop and take better pics.


· Happy Island is situated in Muldersdrift. It is most definitely worth the drive out.

· Get there early! I know it seems like 9-6pm is a long time, trust me it isn’t!

· Entrance fees: adults and children over 1.3m tall – R250,

children under 1.3m – R150,

· 0-2 years – free. Pass outs are available. (Prices subject to change- these are their current prices).

· Once inside, ALL rides are free.


· The rides cater for absolutely all ages, from crawling toddlers to over enthusiastic adults like me.

· Some rides do have a height/weight restriction.

· Some rides are not suitable for pregnant women (obvs).

· All rides/swimming areas have lifeguards on duty.

· The wave pool is a lovely area to chill and enjoy some time at the ‘beach’.

· Lifeguards on duty expect ALL visitors to wear life jackets at the wave pool.

· Waves come on every hour on the hour, 6 massive waves at 3 minute intervals.

· The best experience at the wave pool is right at the front! Trust me!

· Tubes are only carried up for certain rides- The Behemoth Bowl and Trumpet rides allow for 4 riders at a time and those tubes are lifted for you by a crane…cos damn that’s a lot of stairs to get up!

· Most rides start shutting down around 5pm to allow you time to pack up and be out by 6pm.


· There is ample seating space but carry picnic blankets/camping chairs as well.

· No need for umbrellas as the trees provide beautiful shade

· NO food or drinks allowed.

· NO alcohol allowed.

· Food is available for purchase inside at reasonable prices ( hot dogs, chip and dip, doughnuts, ice creams and a mini spur with a basic menu)

· HALAAL food is available but limited to one stall.

· There is a convenience store near the wave pool with drinks and other snacks.

· NO cigarettes sold on the premises.

· The curio shop has really well priced swimwear and kids toys.

· The park is exceptionally clean with bins made easily available every few meters.

· Bathrooms are regularly cleaned and a pleasure to visit.

· Weekdays are obviously better as they are quieter than weekends.

· REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT!!Although we found it exceptionally safe within the theme park, no armbands are used, and with small children I found this problematic. Child abduction is real. Please ensure that you keep your children with you at all times or have safety bands made with relevant telephone numbers on them wrapped on their arms/ankles. The park isn’t huge, but find a spot for your child to wait for you should they lose you on a ride or you have split apart for any reason.

· And last …and this is possibly the second most important thing after child safety, book yourself a massage for the next day…you find muscle aches in all sorts of places- and the massage is seriously needed!

If you happen to give it a go… I hope you have a blast! And please tag me in your pics @iusedtobefunnowimamum




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