he December holidays rolled around as usual and even though the very first week was spent with me being the most ill I have been in quite a few years we managed to make the most of it later in the month.

Due to the fact that we live pretty much in a ‘farm town’ the boys don’t have access to what we consider ‘city fun’. The nearest mall with movies is approximately 2 hours away and we don’t simply visit malls in general. So we decided to spend a few days in Johannesburg with my sister between Christmas and new year in order for them to enjoy city life a little. This is the second December we have chosen to do this. As my sisters live all over the place – with me being the furthest the city-visit allows us to catch up with each other, and gives our children quality time with their cousins building bonds and making memories. It’s a time of the year we really look forward to. Each year we try to do new things and visit new places.

Last year we did Gold Reef City, Color Café ( Hyde Park), Laser tag (Monte Casino), Monte Casino Bird Gardens, The Pantomime,  The Glitter Factory Shop (for mosaic in Fourways) and bowling in Cresta. We managed to do Bounce on an earlier visit that year.

This year we spent a little more time swimming and relaxing but still enjoyed 2 new places.

Gold Reef City was a repeat as the boys enjoyed it immensely.

One of the new places we visited was the Sci-bono Discovery centre in Newtown. This was an absolute delight for the children. The variety of activites adequately catered for my almost 3 year old as well as my 12 year old niece. The entrance fee was R140 for a family of 4, with under 3’s being free.

Aside from the different exhibitions, there are additional shows you can attend. Some were free , others costed R10 pp.  We expected to spend about 2 hours there but once inside realised we needed and entire day to explore the centre. The crane challenge was loved by the little ones, while the dads enjoyed the motor and mining exhibitions.  The construction area was enjoyed by absolutely everyone and the kids donned reflector jackets and hard hats made especially for little people.  There are ongoing experiments on topics varying from liquid nitrogen ice cream to the brain and how it functions. There was so much to do we actually could not keep up.  The mind games area is not to be missed with older children.


Sci-Bono is an absolute must for families. As a teacher-mum I admired the concept of learning through play which had been so aptly adapted to all ages.


We also visited Avalanche Fitness and Fun in Cedar square, Fourways. The kids had an absolute blast. Avalanche allows for snow boarding, skiing and tubing in the middle of summer in Johannesburg. We opted for tubing and booked an hour session for all of the children. One of the pro’s of Avalanche is that they do allow you to break up your session, and be ‘timed out’ should you need a break. We found that after 30 mins the kids were exhausted and we paused their session for some lunch and ice cream before they were ready to get going again. The assistants were extremely helpful with our little ones (2x 3 year olds and 1x 4 year old). The 7,9,12 year olds managed by themselves brilliantly.  Costs were R110 for an hour session. This is most definitely a place we will be visiting again.

If you have not visited these two places yet, make a note of it – definitely a must!!



For more information


  • Sci-Bono Discovery Centre https://www.sci-bono.co.za/
  • Avalanche http://avalanche.co.za/
  • The glitter factory shop http://www.theglitterfactory.co.za/our-shop/

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