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P is for …

Poo ….and Pee….and of course ….PAMPERS!

Last week I received a delivery of one the most used items by mums all over the world! And the timing could not have been better….. because 9 weeks ago, another delivery arrived… weighing in at 2.9kgs named Liya.  

As a mother of four, I have been through my fair share of nappies… you name it, I have seen it- the ones with un-sticky tabs, the ones that leak, the ones that sag, the ones that need to be changed every few hours (especially at night), the ones that can’t contain the poop-splosion ( New moms-you know this one…when you don’t know how it got where it is and a full bath is needed, and linen changing?!) but by far the worst is the one that causes a nappy rash, because, and this may just be me here, I would much rather deal with various levels of poop and pee than a nappy rash that won’t go away.

Pampers has been a part of our family since the birth of my first child almost 11 years ago. And with the arrival of our latest I most certainly did not have time, or energy, or hours of sleep to spare, in order to experiment on finding the ideal diaper.

Each child, after the first born (basically the guinea pig as any mother knows that parenting their first child is a matter of trial-and-error), was spared the series of unfortunate nappy experiments, as we came to rely on Pampers. This lead to happier days, happier nights, and even happier marriages!

Let me introduce you to the new Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies. #PampersAirMagic.

Along with its cute characters I noticed a new “Air channel” symbol on the packaging. I had to giggle at the thought of the type of ‘air’ that flows out of nappies generally but was relieved to see its a one way system…air flowing into the nappy area …not out! Although hey …sometimes the ‘air flow out can really knock a guy out’- Ok- You can let go of your nose now!

These channels act to allow air flow directly to the baby’s bum. To put it simply : Breathability = No nappy rash = sighs of relief. Pampers claim that these channels and absorbent micropearls, keep the baby’s bum dry for more than 12 hours!

So of course I put it to the test!

I am pleased to announce that Pampers has once again upped their game and raised the bar in terms of nappies in South Africa and what mothers can expect when expecting….

Regarding the 12 hour test -we do our last nappy change of the day around 6pm with the next being around 7am (if I remember- we have pulled longer than 12 hours without any issues).

Any mother with a new born will agree that sleep is our most prized luxury! So with a baby waking up for night feeds, Pampers has taken care of one more thing that has to be done at 2am and the result is pure bliss! No more midnight nappy changes!

Note: after 12 hours, I was even spared the sight of a saggy nappy as these don’t get bulky! And no leaks!

Well done pampers, just when I thought it could not get better, it did. It also boasts a layer of baby lotion, to help prevent the nappy nemesis: diaper rash! Initially I was concerned, as all my kids have very sensitive skin but I was reminded that Pampers Baby-Dry nappies are dermatologically tested.

By far one of my favourite things about them is the wetness indicator. And I was really glad to see the small sizes in the Pampers Baby-Dry are also designed with indicators which turn blue when wet.

I also noticed the fit of the new Pampers Baby-Dry has also improved.  This will be much needed when my new-born grows into an active, crawling baba. 

The final change that ‘sealed the deal’, (like the sticky nappy tabs themselves), are the gorgeous new designs on each individual nappy- an absolute cuteness overload- BUT not as cute as my baby! (Said every mother in the world).

7 ways Pampers Baby-Dry has upped its game in the baby race:

  • Air channels- increased breathability.
  • Anti-Leakage Barriers – a great fit means it prevents accidents.
  • Absorbent Micro Pearls™ – locks away wetness.
  • Dry-Layer – keeps baby dry for up to 12 hours.
  • Baby-Lotion – helps prevent nappy rash.
  • New design – the cutest prints on the front and back.
  • Wetness Indicator on small sizes – turns blue to indicate a wet nappy.

Take note:

The name change- Pampers Baby-Dry is replacing the old Pampers Active Baby-Dry. There are slight changes in the weight ranges so keep this in mind when purchasing. Look out for the new “Air Channels” symbol on the new packaging, and the cutie pie characters on the nappies themselves.

The nappies retail for approximately R230.

For someone who is apprehensive about change …this time change is good!

Moms, we can all breathe easier with #Pampersbabydry – baby bums too!



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  1. Thanx for the input & yes Pampers has upped their game & I’m comparing to 10 years ago. Also a mum of 4, latest being 6 months ago. . Love Pampers. . I did try huggies though, but there were leakage issues. .so stuck with the trusted Pampers. . Also don’t have to do the middle of night change unless it’s a poo which is rare now. .

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