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A few years ago while searching for an indoor activity I stumbled upon Puffy paint- the kids really loved it and I am not sure why it has not made an appearance in such a long time…

But this weekend, we decided to give it a go once again. Things are different now with the boys being older and more helpful. They followed the recipe with my guidance and soon we had bags of a paint ready to go! Lulu had her apron on and requested that Isa trace a butterfly for her to paint over. With her being the youngest the idea was simply to allow her some messy fun but at the same time exercise her finger muscles as they flexed with varying levels of intensity required to squeeze the paint out- less for a line…. a little more pressure for a blob.

A few things to note:

  • A few things to note:
  • Ensure your mixture isn’t too runny.
  • Snip of a small hole first, then adjust to size you need.
  • Thick blobs will require additional time in the microwave.
  • Keep tissue for messes and blotches.
  • Leftovers can stay in an airtight container for a few days.
  • You can use earbuds to paint with if you keep the paint in the bowls instead of in plastic bags.
  • This keeps them busy for hours.

Original recipe via

Puffy Paint:

·        1/2 cup flour

·        2 tsp baking powder

·        2 tsp salt

·       food colouring

·        Enough water to make a paste

Mix together and add colouring. Place in plastic Ziploc bags.
When paintings are complete, microwave for 30-50 seconds and watch the magic happen! You will literally be watching paint dry!


Have fun guys! Please tag me @bibisblog_za if you happen to
give this a try.





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