Printable Ramadan Meal Planner

Meal planning is something parents struggle with on a daily basis, but during the month of Ramadan when our energy really should be spent spiritually filling ourselves, meal planning or prepping should be secondary. Even more so with the current lock down conditions, the fact that may not have the help we are usually accustomed to. It will be different this year, but we can still make the most of Ramadan in lockdown.

For the past few years now I set out a meal plan for the month so my meals can be prepped in advance and I can spend more time on additional prayers, zikr, quraan etc.

It also makes things easier for my family, as they know exactly what the meal at the end of the day will be. Naturally I have to be flexible, some days we have enough leftovers for the next day, or the children ask for a specific meal they ‘lus’ for . The menu plan is not set in stone, but it definitely lightens the mental load. Our family eat quite simple meals, there are no masterchef endeavours during this month as I really believe in trying to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen and therefore having more time for reflection and prayer. This means our meals are quite standard. They are all small quantities so it allows for variety. I try to include fresh veggies where possible. We also have haleem ( a mixture of wheat,barely, oats and lentils with spices added to chicken/lamb) almost daily. I find it a nutritious way of breaking the fast and adding sustenance. Savouries are rarely fried, as we use an air fryer and bake where possible. Each year we do try to be healthier, and like most people, some days are better than others.

A few years ago someone sent me a comprehensive meal plan via whatsapp including drinks and dessserts (we don’t do much of that, but I included some for the boys as they do love their treats). I wish I could locate the creator of the guide to thank her as it is often used in the creation of my own meal plans.

You can find my meal plan below as well as a blank one that you can fill in with the meal your family enjoys.

Ramadan Mubaruk



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