The recent cold front was not welcomed by our little household as three of our four children are ill…which means not much sleep has been had this weekend. That being said, the colder weather also meant we had a whole lot of inside time to spend in some way or another. We baked and had tea parties and my oldest reminded me that I had promised to make slime with him. I could go into all the reasons slime is good for kids to play with and the benefits of sensory play but I am going to skip all that for one simple reason- It is so much fun to play with!!!

 I discovered a recipe that actually worked and shared it on my Instagram page a while back. I will share it on the blog as well. But for now this is the one I really want to share with you. You see, as my oldest enjoyed the slime I was slightly hesitant in letting Lulu (4) handle it due to the fact that it contained Borax. What if she licked her fingers or something after playing with it? Which got me thinking… Perhaps I could find a recipe without Borax?

And lo and behold I did!

 This was a huge success and kept the little one busy for quite some time. In fact she loved it so much she took her slime with for a quick town trip- just in case she bumped into a friend, then she could show it to said friend.  We made 2 batches and found that the amount for one recipe was ideal and did not have to be adjusted. We added glitter to the purple batch (the glitter does stick to your hand) and kept the blue plain, although I am sure you could experiment with adding other stuff to it. The hardest part was having to wait for it to cool! This is not a stretchy type of slime just so you know…it a squishy type. Here it is… I hope you give it a go!

The recipe is adapted from


  • 1 tablespoon Psyllium Husk
  • One cup water
  • Gel food colouring


Dissolve the psyllium husk into the water and add the colouring.

Whisk on the stove until it boils and comes together.

After 3-4 mins check stickiness. Mixture should easily glide out of the pot into a container.

Allow to cool.


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Lots of love


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