butcher sheep

On a recent visit to Durban we visited a popular butchery and deli to stock up on some of their delicious products for our stay.  As we shopped around I found my 4 year old staring intently at the sheep carcasses in the above picture.  After some time he pointed to them and asked in a rather loud voice,” Mummy, what kind of chicken is this?”  I laughed and said,” Hamz its not chicken darling, it is actually a sheep.”

I continued shopping and after a few moments heard him shout after me,” Ohhhhh….it’s sheep-chicken!”

The other shoppers, my family and I had to grin at his understanding of what he was looking at.  You see the skin on his face and body…that’s chicken… the chops he eats at our weekend braai’s …that’s chicken too.

There’s still so much for him to learn, and boy are we going to have fun watching him as he does! 😀


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