The Michael Jackson History Show

Music, Magic and Michael Jackson made for a superb Mom’s night out!
On Friday night we were hosted by @mjhistoryshow and treated to an exceptional evening of entertainment at Emperors Palace. And boy did I make the most of it!

The show makes for an easy and fun night out and if you’re an 80’s kid, will have you on your feet singing along as you reminisce about your childhood. Yes yes… It’s an MJ impersonator.. But guys Dantanio Goodman is not your average tribute artist. He took it the next level. He easily tricks your mind into seeing him genuinely as MJ and the crowd echoed my sentiments . There were bursts of ‘ I love you Michael’ from the audience, and the costumes are auntentic. His choreography was perfect and in absolute sync as they coincided with those of the real MJ when played on a screen behind him. During the show he stops to talk to the audience (he even speaks like MJ) and reminded everyone that we were the to celebrate the King of Pop.

His renditions of Mj’s greatest hits had everyone on their feet for most of the show. And the audience interaction makes this show really special!! This one that the kids will enjoy too. The best part is that you don’t need to be a die hard MJ fan to enjoy the show… It accommodates even those who aren’t familiar with every single one of his hits. Fortunately for me there was just one song I couldn’t sing along to… And was promptly educated by my dad that it was way before my time 🤣 it was from the Jackson 5 days. His closing number is mind blowing but no spoilers here – go for the show!
PS. The back up dancers and band are also incredibly talented and I loved that most of them were locals – From Pretoria and Johannesburg. Wonderful to see local talent being showcased

If you’re looking to enjoy a relaxed evening out, whether you’re an MJ fan like me or not… This is a show that will leave you with a happy heart. The #mjhistoryshow is on at Emperors Palace
*06 – 22 December 2019

*20h00 – Friday and Saturday

*14h00 – Sunday matinee

*Duration: 130 min (20 min interval)
*Tickets From R180

*Children under 15years 15% discount.

Do yourself a favor and go check it out!



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